Eversource Awards Grant to St. Gianna’s Place

St. Gianna’s Place, Inc. recently received a $1,000 grant from Eversource as part of Eversource’s commitment to the strength of the communities it serves. Eversource awards grants to qualified non-profits with a particular focus on the health and well-being of the youth and the advancement and promotion of clean energy and related technologies.

Pictured are, from left, Dennis Pedley, secretary; Liz Neville, founding member; Maria Szemplinski, founding member; Monica Rahilly, founding member; Kelly McIntire, contributing member; Laura Gandia, president and Eversource Community Relations Manager Elizabeth LaRocca. 

The grant award was presented by Elizabeth LaRocca, Eversource Community Relations Manager, to Laura Gandia, President of St. Gianna’s Place, at the Board of Director’s meeting on October 24, 2017.

We are very grateful to Eversource for their support of St. Gianna’s Place.

Laura Gandia, President of the St. Gianna’s Place Board of Directors (left) and Elizabeth LaRocca, Eversource Community Relations Manager (right).


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