Blog Post – Career Options that Offer a Secure Future

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This month’s career focus has to do with jobs to get you out and about.  

While still a male-dominated industry, carpentry work is a job where women often perform well.  Generally lighter duty than construction, you will be guided under a skilled craftsman on specific tasks.  With an eye for detail, you can assist in creating gorgeous finish work that looks like it comes from a magazine. 

One industry that is easy to enter in the spring is landscape design.  Many times this means mowing, weed whacking and general lawn care. These activities require no special license and often have flexible hours.  The demand for employees increases every year as homeowners and businesses opt to have someone else take care of the work of maintaining lawns, hedges and trees.  This well-paid summer work can be a stepping stone to year-round outdoor work, such as driveway care (like plowing), arborist (tree work) or other conservation care.

Driving a school bus may also be an ideal job for a mom of a little one.   The barrier to entry is steep (getting a CDL license), but once that hurdle is accomplished, great strides can be made.  Some companies will allow for an infant seat to be installed on a school bus while their parent drives, meaning there is no need for daycare.  In Massachusetts this is allowed until the child is one. Some NH districts allow your baby to be on board for up to 6 months. While the morning school bus route may depart as early as 4:00 am, this split shift job (typically between 5am and 8am and back again for 2pm to 5pm) averages 25-30 hours a week and has an average wage of $14 an hour.  The good news is that with a CDL license and experience, it may be easier to secure a future, higher paying job as a local food delivery driver, or another type of short-haul driving job requiring a CDL.

Finding a career that supports a child can feel like an endless journey. Contact St. Gianna’s Place at for help and information. We’d love to hear from you.

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